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An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little s#*t, it's good for you.
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Dec 27, 2015

Stone joins us in the hutch this week!

Topics Discussed: An Early-Morning Altercation About Garbage, Following up on Weird Body Hair; Milk Spots; and Cooking with Soda, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Beer Can Chicken, Cold Turkey Holiday Sex, Millionaire's Wack Rape Defense, Affluent Teen's on the Run, Denny's Beer Barrel Pub Challenges, Roaming Food Challenge Podcast, WHGL Food Challenge Team, LDSD: PCPizza Hut, Rich Dead White Guy Trivia: Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots, Sound Garden, Bad Band Names, Bongzilla, Weedeater, 2016 Possum Drop is a go, Mozart: the Original Juggalo, Dub's Foreign Language Bluff, Jack White and ICP Got Jokes, Retractions: Fine China, Deep Discounts: Marriage Loans from SwanLuv, WHGL Gambling on Marriage Length, Angel Fund, Juggalo Poetry Slam: Holiday Edition, Tech Section, and Ham Gravy. 

Dec 20, 2015

Topics Discussed: Max Hay's Christmas Time at Chester's, the Gift and the Curse: Longer Hair, Upper Body Strength, Tipping on a Haircut, Emails and Shout Outs, Jerry Lewis' 72-Hour WHGL Telethon, Dub is Self Diagnosing a Week-old Stomach Pain, Web MD and House MD, Legality of Setting Personal Property on Fire, Bon Fire Hon Fire, Cry Harder: Weird Hair; Moles and Milk Spots, Meat Head Street Cred: Wings on Wings, Buffalo Wild Wings Mountain Dew Shark Tank Crossover, Moscow Cemeteries Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Tech Section: BodyGuard Blanket by Protecht LLC, WHGL Kevlar Clothing Line, and New Star Wars (NO SPOILERS)! 

Dec 6, 2015

Topics Discussed: Calling Down the Power of the Bun, an Examination of "Back Like That" by Ghostface Killah, Indoor Cats, What Could Go Wrong Today, No New Notes, Retractions: Cows Docility, Killing Instead of Suing in China, TFBOTG: A Scheme for Diverting the Cops, Everyone on Your Friendslist is a Cop, HAW: BBQ Illegally Parked Car, Getting Back to a Simpler Time, Tech Sec: Getting Back Into Programming, Learn to Code, Where to Start, Grabass, No Country For Old Men, Sound in Movies, Run SpellCheck on Your Manifesto, Word of the Day, Utilizing Old People, and Stashing the Turkey.

Nov 29, 2015

Topics Discussed: Cat Pics on the Low, Graham Crackers and Grape Kool-Aid, Holiday Eating, Snow Tires, New Whip Knowledge, Grown Man Car Business, Hard Credit Checks, Playing the Car Buying Game, New Segment: Cry Harder, Dying Industries, Model Trains, Print Media, Tangible vs. Digital Products, Entrepreneurialship, 3D Printing Your Future, Remember K-Mart?, the Fun of a New Album, Thin and Filthy Homemade Pizza, Dragon Wings Revisited, LDSD: Black Friday on the Dark Net, Releasing the Podcast on the Dark Net, Staying Budget Conscious, Cuban Cigars, Stolen Credit Cards, Sheep Revisited and Revised, How Did Cows Survive, Hopping on the Trump Tip, Social Media Prowess, and Personal Retractions. 

Nov 22, 2015

Topics Discussed: Best Burgers, Jingles, New Glasses Review, Brother Link, Hutch Rearrangement, Emails, Hot Dog Sandwich Revisited, Video Podcast, a Tight Product, Editing, Daily Life Rituals, Word of the Day, Thanksgiving Tomorrow, Thoughts on Sweet Potatoes, Deep Discounts: Fry Baby and Homemade Fries, Wing Recipe, Let's Do Some Drugs: TSA and DUI Got Got, RIAA Pirating, Matt Gets Pulled Over, Getting the Mix Right, Privilege Rears its Convenient Head, Skyping the Sportsball, the Worst Thing About Being an Astronaut, SO Space Pass, Finger Nails, You're the Best Around Meets Eye of the Tiger, Men Show Off Their Sexual Selection Theory with Pizza, Food in the Bedroom, and Using up PTO.

Nov 15, 2015

Topics Discussed: The Podcast Hutch, Conflicting Ideas About Paris Terrorism, How Republicans are Made, Deftones and Eagles of Death Metal, Pushing Back on Cynicism, the Real Enemy, Goliath Tigerfish, Word of the Day, Glasses and Contacts, Warby Parker, Double TFBOTG: Sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko and Neurologist Phil Kennedy, Brain Hacks, Swapping Senses, Neural Lace, Today Was a Good Day, Roundabout Record Setter, National Hot Dog and Sausage Council Weighs in on Hot Dogs and Sandwiches, Killing Baby Hitler, Misfits on Netflix, Traveling for a New Car, and The Wizard of Oz with the Helena Orchestra.

Nov 8, 2015

Topics Discussed: That Hot New Adele Song, Amy Winehouse, Frank Zappa, Double Standards in Sports and Music, Retractions, TFBOTG: North Korea, Operation Paul Bunyan, Kim Il Sung, Word of the Day, Aaron Skypes In, Holy Shit This Actually Happened: 2013 Lac-Mégantic Train Disaster, Prison Debate Teams, Prison and Hood Tourism Reviews, Strategies of whiteness, Supremacy, Privilege, Guilt, Predictable Arguments, Innocent Man Escapes Courthouse, Exchanging Socks, and Nearly Killing People on Bikes.

Nov 2, 2015

Topics Discussed: Knocking the Hustle, Premonitions about the Demise of Matt's Beloved Honda, the Responsibility of Content Providers, Word of the Day, Dub's Polish Sausage Mishap, Tricks of the Hot Dog Trade, Messy Mobile Food, Calzones and Dragon Wings, Tech Section: Hot Military Boomerang Auto-Microphone System, Unreliable Memory, Florida Glory Holes on the Low, Trick or Treaters, Compliments to the Youth, It's Always Sunny, Deep Discounts/Let's Do Some Drugs: Selling a Mini Horse for Meth, and Tapping Out Early.

Nov 1, 2015

Topics Discussed: Halloween in Theory and in Practice, Shoutouts, Slutty Dudes, Word of the Day, the Amygdala, Studies on Fear of the Unknown, Oxytocin and Fear Conditioning, Germany, Screaming Roughness, Marketing Scare Tactics, Fear Among Americans, Government, Cyber Terrorism, Paranormal Activity and Ghosts, Scary Movies, Generational Failure, Carl Tanzler's Wild Ride, Robbing Graves, Florida, Best and Worst Halloween Candy, Hero Arsonist Ghost Ferrari, Tricking and Treating Your Body, Classic Twilight Zone on Netflix, Terror at 20,000 Feet, Meat Head Street Cred, The Reese PBC Burger, Creepy Diseases, and the Constant Chronic Déjà Vu Time Loop.

Oct 26, 2015

Topics Discussed: Mobile Podcasting from a Howard Johnson, Boise Idaho, Eating on the Road, Clubbing in Boise, Dave and Buster's Hustle, Flat Land Pressure Systems, Millennial Skill-based Gambling, Let's Do Some Drugs, Snitching Hard, Overstepping Your Bluff, Cheddar Addiction, Martin Shkreli, An Answer to Daraprim, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Capitalism Strikes Back, Hojo Experience, Friends and George Lopez, Motel Requirements, You Will Be Killed in a Motel, Summer Salmon Soup and Sushi Season, Idaho Laws, Having Sex in a Car, and Awesome Neighbors.   

Oct 18, 2015

Topics Discussed: What Spiders and Yoga Pants have in Common, Thanksgiving, Friday Night Tips', Power-Sliding Through Q4, WHGL Weigh In, New Segment Time!, Woman with BIID Blinds Herself Intentionally, Deep Discounts: Craigslist Record Label, Johnnie Walker's Platinum Label, Internet Scotch Aficionados Describe Alcohol in a Stupid Way, Selling Booze with Celebrities, Word of the Day, Revisiting Slapping People, Meathead Street Cred: Secret Drunk Meat Eaters, Lamb or Beef, Enabling Bad Behavior, International Relations, America's Not Talking to their Friends, Elton John Retractions, Citizen Kane, High School Reunions, Never Being Great and the Ego. 

Oct 11, 2015

Topics Discussed: Subconsciously Bumping Levels, Russian Low-Singers, Emails, Slow Strolls, Community, Lady Words Revisited, Keurig Campbell's Soup Pods, Stupid Starbuck's Foods, Flicker's, Word of the Day, Elton John Live in Billings, Inconveniencing People, Lyrics and Music, Constraining an Idea, Fuddrucker's, Goofy Doc Featuring Elton John, 800 lb. Man Living in SUV, Pizza Crack, Gastric Bypass Surgery, TFBOTG: Copping to Coke in Aspen, White People Things, 2015 Mobile Cast Tech, and Mazes!

Oct 4, 2015

Topics Discussed: L'il Guilty Pleasures, Email Responses, Questions to Ponder, Shopping at McDonald's, Stinging Drug Rings Hard, the Love of Driving, Respecting Mech Tech, Innovation, Yoga Class, Needlepoint, Larping Undercover, Wal-Mart in the Morning, Ritual Suicide, Listing It, Apps and Stuff, Word of the Day, Changing the Game with, Weigh In, New Belts, Metaphors and Analogies, Chubby Chasers, and Managing Tech People. 

Sep 27, 2015

Topics Discussed: Cigarette Prices, E-Cigarettes and Lozenges, Retractions, Managing Anger, Weigh In, Like Old Times with Matt and Killer, Scandalous Diet Cheats, Rye Whiskey, A Trunk Pattern in Montana, Happy Birthday Enters Public Domain, Soda and Pop and Coke, Words Women Hate the Most, Slapping People in the Bar, Overreacting to Spiders, Hero Arsonist of the Week, Remaking Movies, and the Pugs are Out of Compliance.

Sep 20, 2015

Topics Discussed: Folgers Coffee, Keurig's Hot New DRM, Matt's World Falls Apart Today, I Don't Mean To Brag: Immune Systems and Eating Old Food, New Tires, Word of the Day, Walking, Cold Thermogenesis, White Fat, Brown Fat, Burning Calories While Cold as Hell, Cool Gut Buster, We Had a Good Experiment, Shower Thoughts Theory, Weekly Weigh In, Italian Pasta Dinner Party, QR Codes on Your Gravestone, We Had a Good Afterlife, Deep Discounts, Tanks for Sale, Cash for Corpses in Poland, Don't Hustle with too many People, When a Heist goes Sideways, Treating Yourself, and the Importance of Making Lists!

Sep 13, 2015

Topics Discussed: Dub on Montucky Skies, New That's Debateable, Bun B's "II Trill", Stupid Quotes, WHGL Weigh-In, Plateaus and Losses, Salt Strikes Again, Boozing and Prune Juicing, Hong Kong's Solution to Dieting, Transferring Energy, McDonald's Ruins Exercise Game, Laptop Hard Drive Disrupted by Airport Security, How Whistle-Blowers Travel, Ashley Madison's Top Worst Passwords, Avast Anti-Virus, Brute Forcing Passwords, Tech Section: Motörhead's Motor Heads, Lemmy's Partying Downgrade, Taco Bell's Naked Crispy Chicken Taco, Don't Trust Fast Food Avocados or Shelf-stable Ranch Dressing, a Meeting with Yum Brands, Progress Pictures, Bulletproof Coffee, and Fat Fasting!

Sep 6, 2015

Topics Discussed: September Weather, House Shorts, Shout Outs!, Multimedia Experience, Ridle Photography, That's Debateable, a Friend's Passing, Weigh-In, Retractions: Keto Clarification, Gift and a Curse: Internet Info, Day 71 Foodstravaganza, Food Addicts, This is Not a Lifestyle, McDonald's All-Day Breakfast, Max Hay's Breakfast Burrito, Eric Andre Show, Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, IKEA Bias is Bullshit, Being Sentimental, Quality Desk Real Estate, Monitors and TV's, TFBOTG:, Michigan Teen Fakes a Baby, Hero Arsonist Meets Meat Head Street Cred, Die for These Ribs, and Modest Mouse in Missoula.

Aug 24, 2015

Topics Discussed: Hobo Spiders, Protecting the Bees, Weekly Weigh-In, Keeping Your Macro-Nutrient Ratios Tight, Fat is Your Friend, Re-balancing Testosterone and Fighting Everyone, UFC TFC KFC, Norm McDonald's Weird Colonel Sanders, Five on Five UFC, Getting Offensive, Joey Diaz, Ralphie May is Gross and Shrill, Biggs On Film Podcast, Rocky and Mick, Rocky V Sucks, Word of the Day, Feeling Old, Michael Jackson's Blanket, TFBOTG: Selling Your Landlord's House, Deep Discounts, Foolish Man Finds Money, Disney Japan Congratulations on the A-Bomb, China and Japan, Juggalo Gathering Drug Advertising, Getting Tricked into Going to the Gathering, Nonprofit Juggalo Rehab, It's a Trap, Matches Malone, Users of this Podcast, Grabbing a Drink of a Saturday, Outsiders for Life. 

Aug 17, 2015

Topics Discussed: Fires Around the Area, Happy Fourth Birthday WHGL!, Dub Takes in a Show in Missoula, One Bluegrass Song, Diet Check-In Lite, Retractions and Addendums, Revisiting the Corpus Callosum, a Misinterpreted Cupcake Joke, a Dog De-gloves a Man, Word of the Day, Dub Deals with a Traffic Accident, Balancing the Moral Dilemma of Eating Meat but Hating the Process, Vegans are Annoying, A Key Marketing Component in an Evil Industry, Man Locks Himself in the most Spacious Trunk Ever, Strangers Falling Asleep in your Unlocked Car, Utilizing the Element of Surprise, Seinfeld's an Unfunny but Successful Creep, Talking to Teens is the Worst, the Tragic Realization that Nobody Knows Anything, Pugs on Shelves, and the Diet Feels Good!  

Aug 9, 2015

Topics Discussed: Back to the Keurig Well, Coffee Snobs, the Tediousness of Making Ranch, Salad Bars, Randy Travis Cures the Blues, Dr. Dre's New Album, iTunes is Nonsense, Word of the Day, Dos and Don'ts on Eating a Hotdog, The Queen of Wein, Flexing Nuts with Fine China, Safe Discrimination, Treating Dumb Pugs like Cats, Dummy Gets a Taste of his own Medicine, Deer in the Wild, Raining Down Salt on Flower Lady's Garden, Geo Metro Vs. Deer Stand-off, Surprising Study about Modern Obese Adolescents, Using the Podcast as a Way to Stay Honest, Setting Life Goals, Tech Section: Quick Overview of Windows 10, Desktop and Mobile OS Cross Compatibility, Merging Operation Systems, Email, Craft Beer Revisited, Video Games, Cell Phones, and Hiding Rage Poorly!

Aug 3, 2015

Topics Discussed: Whiskey Suicide, Where's McWilliams?, Determining WHGL's Birthday, Shout Outs, Dr. Dre's New Album, Rapper Sons, Death of Detox, Loose Synth and Robotic Beats, the Science of Hot Records, Inciting Incident, Compton, Dub Acclimates to Daytime Public at the Farmer's Market, Hooterites Vs. Thriftway, It's So Hot, Matt Needs Shorts, Out of Touch with Rap Beefs, Matt Recaps his Trip to Denver, Ugh! Wyoming, Breweries and an End Game, Skipping the Coors Tour, Baseball is Actually Kind of Fun, Baller Party House, Spoiled in a Cadillac, New Seat for the Honda, Sunlight in Alaska, Dub's Letter from the City and his Conspiracy Theory, City Power Trippers, Making Miller a One-way, Brotherly Road Trip to Recalibrate the Brother Link, and Word of the Day.       

Jul 27, 2015

Topics Discussed: Data Recovery Methods, Conversations Lost, Addendum to Dinosaur Vision, Book Lung, Matt's Upcoming Trip to Denver, Cuban Food Trucks, Sluggish Performance on Food, Pre-Show Naps, Shout Outs, Former Rep. Michael Grimm Trifecta, Acclimating to the Daytime World, Rodney Street Battle Ax, the Power of the Word of the Day, Filthy Partying, a History of Jon Hamm, Violent Fraternity Lifestyles, Pledging for Your Own Podcast, Elliot Barker Psychopath Whisperer, Tripping Balls-Out, KFC's NEW KFChizza, Credit isn't Real Money, New Jurassic Park, Dinosaur Polling, Prime Real Estate at the Symphony Under the Stars, and Remembering the Original 158. 

Jul 12, 2015

J-Stone and Killer Kyle join Dub and Matt this week! Topics Discussed: Random Gagging, the Push Theme Song, Pros and Cons of Recording Your Dreams, Google's Deep Dream, Lucid Dream Tech, Time Dilation, Trapped in Your Own Head, Rehabilitating Criminals in 8 Hours, Word of the Day, Tech Section: Stone-o-vations Road Rage Speech-to-Text Marquee, Wayback Machine: Hall and Oates Fight Each Other, Clever Headlines, Stone's Personal Insight into Rachel Dolezal, Black/Straight/Gay-Face, and Killer's Going Back to School!

Jul 5, 2015

Not Safe For Network presents the State of the Network Summit, which took place June 23, 2015. Featuring: Biggs, Zach, and Brandon from Montucky Skies and Box Office Battle, Aaron and Kate from Alien Movie Project, Connor and Eric from Shooting the Show, and Matt and Dub from We Had a Good Life. Listen to nine people ramble at each other about a plethora of ridiculous topics.

This is Part 1 of 2.

Jul 5, 2015

Kate and Aaron from the Alien Movie Project podcast join Dub and Matt this week! Topics Discussed: Spiders Accomodate, Shameless Self-Promotion, Podcast Life and Regular Life, Retractions: Getting Handsome with Comedian Tom Garland, Comedy is Hard, Opinions on Recent SCOTUS Ruling, What's Next, Religious Persecution, Getting the Stats Wrong on Gays, Welfare, and NASA, Tax Credits and Subsidies, Changing Minds is Hard, Dub Makes Good on the Stolen Laptop Story from Two Weeks Ago, XXX Community Health Care, a Narrative for the Cops, Word of the Day, Hero Arsonist of the Week, Bees Love Placenta, My girl, Gas Roulette, John Brown's Totally-Not-Racist Swastika Flag, Re-working a Sons Off-Shoot, Bernie Morrow, Cultural Learning Curve, Daughters and Sons, State of the Network Summit Update and Release Date.  

Jun 28, 2015

Topics Discussed: State of the Network Summit, Shout Outs!, Are You Loving This?, Father's Day Blackbird Fight, Pug on MIC, Word of the Day, Tech Section: Dub Introduces Matt to Periscope, Brothership is all Business Now, Built-in Best Friends, Live Streaming Raw Un-Cut WHGL, Joey Diaz, Editing Regiment, Huge Activists, Inevitable Harassment of Females on the Internet, Feedback on WHGL Merch Idea, Marketing, Congratulations to the Gays, SCOTUS Came Out This Week, Rick Scarborough, Christian's Have it Rough, Marriage Equality, KFC Scented Candles, Sunoco and NASCAR Sponsored Gasoline Scented Cologne, the Delicious Smell of Gasoline, Cleaning Grease-traps, the Clock of Smells, Dub Lingering After SONS, and more!

Jun 21, 2015

Topics Discussed: the Ebb and Flow of Boss, Kelsey Grammer, Frasier, Matt's Forced Poor Posture, Honda Seat Issue, I Don't Mean to Brag, Salvage Yards, Father's Day, Shout Outs!, What Up Poland, Ragu Ain't All That, Thickening, Back-tracing Reverse Hacks on Email Addresses, WHGLNSA Lite, Twitter's Genius Celebrity Availability, Roseanne Barr, Pizza Hut's New Hot Dog Pizza Review, Fried Chicken in Bozeman, Stone can't do Mayo, Insights into a Campbell's Spirit, Community, TFBOTG: House Demolition Switcheroo Conspiracy, Psychedelics in Extreme Sports, Micro-dosing LSD for Optimal Productivity, a Printed Version of Wikipedia, SneakerNet, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Speculative Birth-to-Death Ratios, Clever Romance Novel Euphemisms for Genitalia, CMFE Tease for Next Week, Is This Offensive?, Cliff Hanger, and the Gift and the Curse.  

Jun 14, 2015

Dub and Matt are coming at you from the 'Grade this week! Topics Discussed: Keeping the au jus Game Tight, Ball and Thigh Rash Past and Present, RIP Sir Christopher Lee, Farah Fawcett, Thomspon Finger Gloves (or something), Surviving the Game, Taking a Backseat in Death, Michael Jackson, Pizza Hut's All American Pizza, Mustard, Belgrade Stageline, Wack-ass Tastebuds, Ridlo's Beef Jerky Sandwich, KFC Tech Section: Tray Typer, Getting Ranch Dressing Right, Charging Gold Prices, Unlistenable Metal, Tricking Accomplished Actors into Doing Porn, Pat Robertson's Consolation, Dub Ends Frasier and Starts Boss, Matt Can't Finish Sons, Starts and Defends Entourage, Opting Out of Riding Motorcycles in the SONS, WOTD Ultimate Edition! 

Jun 7, 2015

Topics Discussed: Bad Dreams Regarding the Podcast, Organizing the Segments, Retractions and Addendums, Old Lady Neglecting the Rules of the Road, Old Privledge, American Hero of the Week, Next Level Word of the Day, Making Progress with the French, Dub Orders Pizza with Specific Instructions, TFBOTG: Getting Drunk and Setting Your Own DUI Traps, the Law Office of WHGL Works Pro-Bono, Defending the Public and Suing the State, the Podcast Marketing Game Changer, What a Time to Stay Alive, Dinosaurs' Incredible Eyesight, Giant Insects, Stefan Kang, Tech Section: Hot Contacts Better than 20/20 Vision, HAW: KFC Employee Goes Butt Wild, CBS's New Show The Briefcase, and a Gift and a Curse! 

May 31, 2015

Topics Discussed: How Matt Lost his Voice, Word of the Day, the Newly Updated Site, Libsyn, WHGLNSA, the Brand, We Had a Good Dream: Weird Houses and Rat People, Science on the Low, the Hassles of Purchasing Tickets for Elton John, Shows this Summer, CMFE: 1700's Rough and Tumble, Gouging an Eye Out, Filing Your Teeth, Kit Harington Effect, Hunky Men have it Hard, A Safe Place for Hunks, Rogue Google Driverless Cars, T-Rex Exhibit at Museum of the Rockies, Politics, Black Hole Planetarium Show, Electricity, a Shitty Sweet Sixteen Party, and FAA Waste Management.

May 24, 2015

Kate and Aaron from the Alien Movie Project podcast join Dub and Matt this week. Topics Discussed: Season-End Cliff Hangers, Time Shifts, the Origin of Daylight Savings Time, Freedom from Seat Belts, Word of the Day Extra, Aaron Explains Ad Hockery, Dub Watched Fargo Again, That Accent, Steve Bucemi on WWDTM, Scenario: Getting Away with Kidnapping and Ransom, Matt Watched Speed, Harrison Ford in Firewall, Kate's Running Marathons, Qualifying for the Boston Marathon, Who's Piggy?, the Artstitute, Choosing Your Friends, Nude Models, the Fucking Balls On That Guy, Waco Sons Business, Glaring Media Bias, Conversations about Black and White, Prior Charges, Protests and Riots, Filming Cops, Mansplaining Magazine, Rebecca Solnit, Alien Movie Project Overview, Media Criticism, Starship Troopers and Mars Attacks, Chili's Spending Money Catering to their Social-Media-Loving Customer Base, Restaurant Photographers, and the NSFNW Summit in June.

May 17, 2015

Topics discussed: Wop-Chops at the Freeway in Butte, Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish at the Wilma, Shooting the Show Rumors, Bass Guitar, Cats, Cable, Word of the Day, Pilots are Falling Asleep, Drunk Douglas Gets Preachy, Spitting on People, Mile High Club Frequency, Singapore Exclusive Airbus Suite, Craigslist Counterfeit Money, Sting Operations, Meathead Street Cred, Inadvertent Lunch Meat for Crack Deal, Sons Update, and Website Problems and Solutions.

May 3, 2015

A special episode chronicling Stone and his family’s harrowing life experiences last year.

Apr 26, 2015

This week we’re broadcasting from the Stone Estates Mushroom Cottage with our Missoula coorespondent, J-Stone. Topics Discussed: State of the Network Proposal, Stone’s Notes from a year ago, Real Man Shit, Yard Work, Home Improvement, Minivans, Meme’s in Russia, We Had a Good Burn, New and Improved Bonner Travel Plaza, The Taj Mahal of Travel Plazas, Felonious Missoula Dog Fucker, Word of the Day, Retractions, Serial Killer Truckers, Racist Tree Trimmers in Michigan, Buffalo Bills Trivia, NFL and NHL, Discussing Football Divisions, New Segment: Rich Dead White Guy Trivia, Harrison Okene’s Three Day Adventure in Hell, New Segment: Meat-head, Street Cred – the Big Texan Free 72 oz Steak Challenge, Molly Schuyler took ’em to Church, and Stone Examines What a Juggalo Actually is.

Apr 19, 2015

Topics Discussed: Tech Section, Rich Text Format, Word of the Day, Douglas Digs Deeper, Ben Hogan’s Miraculous Recovery, Doctors Downplaying Their Skillz, Giving up Immediately, a Dual Diagnosis with Good Doctor Bad Doctor, Dub Getting Back into Playing Live Music, Dub Meets Comedian Tom Garland, the Third Person Brag, Enlightening Studies on Surviving Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Who’s Killing Hitler, Time Paradox, TSA’s Suspicious Activity List, Hero Arsonist of the Week, Rental Car Bed Bugs, Fiery Bucket List, the new Ex-Car car Course, Insurance Fraud, and Double Indemnity.

Apr 12, 2015

Dub and Matt venture out of the lab this week and record from Matt’s new place in lovely Bozeman, MT. Topics Discussed: Seeing Stone, Beef Jerky Store, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Bare Walls Audio, Highway Hitchhiker Serial Killers, Meth-Trucking, Advice for a Lot Lizard’s Dirty Butt, Addendums: Baseball in the UK, Two-Tier Hustle, Hard Water Replies, Baking Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate, Medical Flip-floppery, Shampoo Bars, the Human Body is Disgusting, Word of the Day, TFBOTG: Russian Head Transplant Volunteer, Scoop the Frontal Lobe out, Medical Ethics, Government Black Sites, Dark Side of the Moon People, Body Harvesting, Netflix’s Daredevil.

Apr 5, 2015

Topics Discussed: New Headphones, Hard Water, Cleanliness is Next to Godliness, A Week’s Worth of Content, Word of the Day, Dub’s Visit to the Urgent Care, Phantom Electrical Noise, Contact, Coldest Hero Arsonist Motherfucker of the Week Ever, Additional CMFE, Norman Lear, Original Classic 70’s Sitcoms from the UK, Baseball in the UK, Jokes are Jokes, Things that Happened in 1990, a Potentially-Deadly Cocoa Poisoning, Mind the Expiration Dates, Retractions: R. Bud Dwyer, Prosthetic Noses, Mistaking Humans for Alligators, Auto-Speculating, and Matt’s Final Walk-Thru in the old Apartment.

Mar 29, 2015

Topics Discussed: That Damn Rap Music, Skinny White Boys Moving in, Salems, Feedback, Word of the Day, Third Rock from the Sun, Hero Arsonist of the Week, Broke-ass Keurig Coffee Founder, Keurig K-Cup Waste, Coffee Potency, Coldest Motherfuckers Ever, Tiberius Caesar Shuns Hot Tech, Flexible Glass, Tech Sec: Free Windows 10, Linux, Parasomnia Sleep Texting, Who’s Gelb?, and Getting Carpets Cleaned.

Mar 22, 2015

Topics Discussed: Overcoming Technological Malfunction, Watching People Humiliate Themselves for Money, Word of the Day, We Had a Good Burn, Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn 99, A Valuable Lesson in Right Wing Politics, Liberal Propaganda, Retractions: Modern Buddhists Might Recruit, Cleans House, Hot or Not, St. Patrick’s Day, Dub’s Wedding Ring, Using Corporate Policy Against Itself, Coldest Motherfucker(s) Ever: The (Other) Baton Rouge Serial Killer, How DNA Dragnets Work, Getting Your Legacy Right, the CSI Effect, CODIS Database, Cops can Totally Lie to You, Moving and Remembering Dumb Details.

Mar 15, 2015

Cody joins us this week! Topics Discussed: Welcome Back Kotter, Greatest American Hero Theme, American Express Black Card, Van Halen, Concert Riders, Christopher Walken, Nick at Nite Picks, Key and Peele, Chromecast, Mitch Hedberg, 360 Degree Video, Tech Talk, Oculus Rift and HTC, Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality, 3D Porn, Real Dolls, Common Core, Chronic Birthday Dinners, Daily Fatboy Struggle, Word of the Day, Sex at Dawn, Monogamy, Plunger Dick, Hunting and Gathering, Awesome Advice from Pat Robertson, Down to Clown, Parks and Rec, Buddists VS Christians, Daytime Friends, Stand-Ups Falling off, Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, New Wu-Tang Album, Method Man, Adam Sandler, The Cobbler, Paul Blart 2, Overlapping Historical Timelines, Dinosaurs, and the Spice Girls.

Mar 8, 2015

Topics Discussed: is Mase Still Rapping, Mountain Dew Rainbow, Jonny McGovern the Gay Pimp, Battlestations, Snus and Snuff, the Flu, Retractions, Word of the Day, Update on the Ford Explorer XLT's Door Handles, Gift and a Curse, Washing the Car, Dickies Pockets, Stubborn Towels, a one way Mission to Mars, Hanging up on NASA, Revisiting Simulation Theory, Space Tech, Mystery Noises in the Pacific Ocean, Sexist Reactions to a Hurricane, Tech Sec: Magic, Computer Posing as Operators, CGP Grey, CIA Top Ten Torture Soundtrack, Finding a new Place to Live, and a Crazy Boston Highschool Dean Drug Lord!

Feb 22, 2015

This week, from Montucky Skies, The Thin Men, and Box Office Battle, we welcome the ever handsome Biggs. Topics Discussed: The Thickening Part II feat. TFBOTG, The Greatest Bad Idea, Zapped, Ski School, Word of the Day, Magic Trick, Doing the Sip and Dip the Right way and Vegas the Wrong way, Penn and Teller, Blue Food, Heinz Color Ketchup, the Thinnening, Dexter Finale, John Lithgow, Binge-watching TV, Breaking Bad, Mash's Dark-ass Theme Song, Without Mother Fucking Order's Drummer Death Drive, We Had a Good Burn, Dub's Randy Travis Review, Tech Sec: Baller new Diamond RJ/E Ethernet Cable from AudioQuest, Teeth Dreams, Occupation: Drug Dealer!

Feb 15, 2015

Topics Discussed: the Thickening One Week on, Valentine’s Day at the Sip and dip, Stripping ain’t Easy, Mermaids, Matt’s Trip to Reno, Exploring the Salt Lake City Airport, Getting Tested for Explosive Material, Coco Chanel, Travel plans, River Boat Gambling, Word of the Day, Update on Feeding the Pigs Girl, Charles Manson’s Long-Con Valentine, Daniel Simone, Afton Star Burton, Prison Lock-Up TV, OZ, Six Feet Under, Michael C. Hall, That’s How They Get You, Valentine’s Gifts and more!

Feb 8, 2015

Topics Discussed: The Thickening Realization and Repercussions, Handsome Retractions, Word of the Day, I Don’t Mean to Brag, Exclusive Keno Hot Hands, Stacks on Stacks with a Dude Called Scott, Netropolitan Site Shuts Down, Facebook and Ello, Privacy, Six Year Old’s Staged Kidnapping, Taunting Cops After Stealing Their Car, PCP and Jenkem, Walking Down the Street Naked, Audience Homework for the Week, and Gift and a Curse.