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An irreverent and speculative look at the week’s news, emerging technologies, and the simulated world around us. Talk a little s#*t, it's good for you.
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Dec 13, 2016

In Episode 219, you'll discover new ways to: handle the Governor and his entourage showing up to the bar, explain to your children why robots are writing Christmas songs, buy your dog a new wardrobe with the county's credit card, use fire and Axe body spray to dodge arrest, mistakenly refer to CFC's as CDC's, use a gun to get the price you want on coffee, deal with fantasies of being taken hostage, use a city bus to make your point, smoke in public, get around loss-prevention officers in box stores, use tech skills to get a job in the criminal underworld, mess with service dogs on the clock, lose a finger, check out a new segment, drink your girlfriend's blood, and finally step up your local Christmas program to compete with Netflix. 

Dec 4, 2016

The power of Louis Prima, feeling confident about 218, starting the day early, techniques for finding lost diamonds, wedding ring warranties, buying jewelry locally, Email, a Squatty Potty in real life, Word of the Day, accidentally enabling alcoholism, TFBOTG: Fiat heir kidnaps himself over Thanksgiving, discovering Bread Face Blog, a gang of dudes are heisting guns in Florida, Deep Discounts: red barns and dying stars, HAW: woman burns a strip mall because of poor customer service, shopping carts are maybe expensive, Gift and a Curse: winning the lottery in Canada, and Police Reports! 

Nov 30, 2016

In Episode 217 you'll learn the subtle art of: buying a truck, citing your sources, blatant plagiarism, doing second and third Thanksgiving, performing security sweeps at Wal-Mart when you don't work there, burning things down for social media attention, being a rock star back in the day, stealing other people's music, wiping your ass as a caveman, getting higher than you've ever been and shooting at police, outsourcing your work to China, and the best way to apologize for tasing a woman.    

Nov 17, 2016

In Episode 216 you'll discover new and exciting ways to: cook with white pepper, consider other perspectives on Christmas, slash up your neighbor's above-ground pools, forge a Banksy, spy on Mike Rowe with secret drone tech, punch a lawyer out and bounce, better identify characteristics of an arsonist, set your patient's farts on fire, rob a bank with no weapon, and catch up on local police reports!   

Nov 6, 2016

In Episode 215 we're embracing Christmas, dipping back into good music, boiling life down to dank memes, contemplating the economical butterfly effect of selling sex and coffee, delivering babies on the cheap, beating little kids at football, getting around the security of self-driving trucks, feeding homeless people shit sandwiches, and catching up on police reports!

Nov 1, 2016

It's Halloween and that means it's time for another Spookstravaganza! We're having spooky dreams, breaking into haunted houses, heroically celebrating Devil's Night, collecting spooky insurance checks, dispelling sadistic myths, keeping our children safe, taking murder mystery parties too literally, keeping costumes woke in 2016, harassing women, choosing our favorite candy and getting ready for Christmas! Bring a flashlight, because Episode 214 is spoooky! 

Oct 23, 2016

Disney's positive moral values, Jessie, Saved By The Bell, Screech vs. Urkel, trying to gamble on horse races, Word of the Day, CMFE: ensuring no witnesses, jabbing a person's brain with their nose, ice is the perfect murder weapon, ice car, TFBOTG: protest by peanut butter, a simple B&E turns into felony kidnapping, biking downhill, the Booze Bike Bus, fighting naked, Tech Section: the SkunkLock, hot bikes are good business, motorized longboards are dangerous, BDC's Police Reports, brain games for pee shyness, the ol' piss-walk, beer parties, sleeping in the car, how may police on duty?, and legal representation via mp3.

Oct 17, 2016

We're joined once again by our friend, Taylor! We're talking about: Gambling on a taco truck, vodka, Email & Retractions, Cowboys, determining whether we're Indigo children, throwback Word of the Day, the other Nolan brother, staying at one-hundred percent potency at all times, Christopher Nolan is paid, the most perfect segment crossover: Hero Arsonist of the Week VS. Let's Do Some Drugs, CMFE: Diamond Eye, rap then and now, trapped in the 90's, Deep Discounts VS. Meat Head Street Cred: Ruth's Chris lose their ass in Ann Arbor, Hastings ghost town, and clothes for Christmas.  

Oct 11, 2016

In Episode 211, you'll discover semi-coherent opinions on Tom Brady's suspension being lifted, Gaia's hatred for STEM fields, how to better turn lemons into lemonade, inspirational presidential quotes, where to find a more savory less cumbersome vape, the patent lawsuit between Juicy Whip and Orange Bang, using Waffle Houses as a beacon in the storm, surviving hurricanes in one easy step and, how to better get it landlocked for life. Missing this episode would prove to be a flooper on your part, dum-dum.

Oct 2, 2016

Joining vape nation, e-cigarette flavors, energy ends the world, Email and Retractions, Luke Cage, keys to being a fake Bills fan, MDMM: Ranch App, incompetent employees, demanding refunds, blending Taco Bell with Taco Johns, Word of the Day, ketchup in the crosshairs, LDSD: woman hides gun and meth in vagina, a woman's natural advantage, people are setting up shake and bake meth labs everywhere, woman had colon connected to vagina, an undercover state lottery agent makes a bust, and TWAGD: mid-life crisis dad breaks bad to impress his son.

Sep 28, 2016

We welcome our friends Cody and Kyle this week! Topics discussed: Skyline Cincinnati-style chili, Pizza Hut food poisoning, bands on cruises, Joey Fatone, hair plugs, how money changes age, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, automating jobs and infrastructure, finding answers in the subconscious, what makes a mall successful, trying to speak to the English using their colloquialisms, the mirroring American, Word of the Day, Bill Cosby's legacy, whitewashing history, Huck Finn revisions, Fruity cereals, Jeopardy word association, Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Andy Dick, relationships, The Game, the illusion of choice, Tinder, what Netflix is missing, Fuller House, blue comedy, repetitive rake comedy, man goes crazy after losing job opportunity, abbreviated word, meth head neighbors, being a private investigator or homicide detective, teachers and tenure, and going back to school.   

Sep 18, 2016

Manual sod labor, sod tech 2016, trusting big marketing decisions to musicians, Word of the Day, Dub's new Buffalo Bills hat creates a situation, going commando, t-shirts in the pool, LDSD: Illusory Bears, Jon Bon Jovi: Attorney at Law, rich rockstar privilege, Wells Fargo fraud discussed poorly, moving from podcasting to banking, fake Florida doctor tries to purchase a Jag, Hero Arsonist of the Week: setting it off for some Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Meat Head Street Cred: truck hauling bacon and ribs bursts into flames, the good-bad smell, Perfumes, Woodpeckers and kitchens, go-to shift meals, knowing how to learn, digital show fliers, and hitting up a show in Bozeman.

Sep 11, 2016

Hennessy, Pantera and speed limits, Cowboys From Hell, premium Spotify, four-shot Fireside glances, slim dudes and big dongs, Word of the Day, Email, A good man and father and police officer, intentionally vomiting on children, vomit as a crime deterrent, spitting is cowardly, kids don't belong at live sporting events, most and least metal words of all time according to science, CMFE: Twilight Sleep, morphine and scopolamine, Jessica Jones and Purple Man, power of suggestion, post-partem psychotic breaks, re-evaluating medical practices, Bank of America confirms simulation, Nick Bostrom's probable scenarios for the human race, the multiverse, impending financial crises on the horizon, offending people with simulation theory, evolutionary advantages, and running out of time.

Sep 4, 2016

Our friend Taylor McCormack joins us this episode to talk about aggressive no-cell phone warnings at movies, schools evolving for cell phones, How Is This Not A Thing?, Million Dollar Money Makers: hair savings accounts, Word of the Day, public toilet seats, stellar immune systems, re-examining Vlad the Impaler with Taylor, the crusades, Genghis Khan, horse armor, getting that Pope money, MHSC: Retractions, who to trust in the media, Florida is a meme, scorpions are the worst, making friends with spiders, CMFE: potatoes are a silent killer, and old friends reunite.

Sep 1, 2016

Thug Steak Lil' Tummies Menu Additions, Matt's operating on no sleep, small towns are expensive, playing stupid games, taxi vs. uber, cars won't start, Alexander the Great, CMFE: Canadian strips clubs, loonie coin torture, LDSD: fire house mischief,  too old to rock, not calling people, missing Missoula, MHSC: passive-aggressive cop at a Whataburger, a large spider interrupts a conversation about sexual imprinting, Matt's cat is in love with Matt's GF, birds, boa constrictors, a man has sex with a van in the street.

Aug 15, 2016

Writing songs for your girlfriend, cost of importing goods, suicide nets, Dub's last day at work, Thank You cards for doing your job, parting gifts, seating problems, craft beer potency, Email, flipping property in Bozeman, Million Dollar Money Makers: forging art and signatures with 3D printers, Word of the Day, painting with cremated human remains, background music determines efficacy of conservation efforts, shark fin soup, restricted calls, breathing ominously on the phone, Meat Head Street Cred: Oasis in Manhattan, a thicker au jus, Tech Section: AspireAssist Therapy System, stop eating so much.     

Aug 7, 2016

Journey revisited, two-week hiatus, Email, talking to loved ones, an unwanted surprise dog, Julia Child drama, Amber Alerts, Canadian debit fraud, childhood home is up for sale, bathrooms with carpet, five-year anniversary, TWAGD: selling stolen goods back to their owner, pet taxidermy, cat drone, human taxidermy, new level creepy wakes, captioning all internet videos, Matt's new place and cat, kitten hassles, stress-crying, anthropomorphizing houses and cars, establishing dominance, LDSD: win the lottery and invest in a mountain of crystal, Pablo Escobar, and why powerful people don't quit while ahead.  

Jul 17, 2016

Podcasting instead of real-world responsibilities, employee neglect, Email and Retractions, R&R and Arctic Circle, manipulating feelings with music, the finest man to ever play the game, combining hot sports, Horse Ball, Michael Jordan is the Dark Knight, Word of the Day, D.I.E.D.I.Y, rules about funeral directors state-to-state, TFBOTG: fireworks after the fourth, Tech Sec: Google's investment in Magic Leap, better VR resolution tech, better hand-made headbands, future of VR, Fat Punk, the Gift and the Curse of Pokémon GO, Safety concerns and CIA conspiracies, Deep Discounts: selling a car you don't own multiple time, Vice doc on car thieves, our ports are so insecure.

Jul 12, 2016

SoBro Whispercast, new lawn mowers, life after the Push, shout outs and email and retractions, things that annoy Dub, realty renaming neighborhoods during gentrification, appraisals going up, petting service dogs, Tech Sec: solid state hard drives, Matt nearly kills himself, PSA: blowing up tires, sign language podcast, sending food back at a restaurant, The Great Montana Nugget Casino Prime Rib Stand-off of 2016, Word of the Day, Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack, Ray Liotta, Meat Head Street Cred: Tigers and Hawkeyes eat out, Christmas Day during WWI, using competitive people to make money, Hero Arsonist of the Week: loud neighbors having sex, fuck jams, new advertising ideas, and big data.

Jun 25, 2016

All aboard the Half Christmas Omnibus! Episode 200 has been months in the making and when you venture within, you'll know why. We hope you packed a lunch because we're celebrating every major segment we've ever featured on this podcast:

Fun Facts, Would You Rather, Word of the Day, The Fucking Balls on That Guy, Hero Arsonist of the Week, Deep Discounts, Cry Harder, the Gift and the Curse, Rap Trivia, Meat Head Street Cred, Holy Shit These Geophysics Actually Happened, Tech Section, Sports, Let's Do Some Drugs, Today Was a Good Day, Coldest Mother Fuckers Ever, Juggalo Poetry Slam, Mike World Traveler, I Don't Mean to Brag, and the Push to 200!

Jun 12, 2016

Big L, Dub runs the Governor's Cup, drunk chicken McNuggets, judging litter bugs, using rage as motivation, laptopping and people watching in a coffee shop, becoming a two-Hutch podcast, email and retractions, Glamburger reconsidered, caviar is pretty good, Meister Eckhart, Muhammad Ali, TWAGD: Dub and Max ride the Tour Train, who's sitting on benches?, hop ons, advertising everywhere, TFBOTG: Russian dick-measuring contest goes south, explaining the purpose of lists to Brian McKnight, Deep Discounts: paying child support with pizza, Word of the Day, people are weird when they're alone, CMFE: deep freezer bargain, Tech Sec: WinAutomation, and The Push to 200!

May 29, 2016

Using Creedence to hit a jackpot, analyzing William Jennings Bryan's game, Word of the Day, IDMTB: Stone's spelling bee skills, women's bathrooms are gross, snow tires and rims for sale, drunkenly falling asleep in and around dumpsters, LDSD: meth deposit, meth loan withdrawal, MHSC: the world's most expensive burger, London's Honky Tonk Glamburger vs. Guinness World Records, impersonating police to hustle money off square simps, TWAGD: Henry Heimlich outmaneuvers a burger patty, Danny Trejo is deceptively old, lemon law on used cars, Today Was a Bad Day: a snake in the toilet bites man's dick off, The Push to 200!

May 25, 2016

Barbershop small-talk, females know how to cut hair, effectively shaving your own head, three qualities of new hires, Marvin Heemeyer's bulldozer rampage, TFBOTG: legislating for hotter strippers, CMFE: wife receives husband's autopsy photos, LDSD: craigslist weed dealer, feds bust a medical dispensary in Montana, how to best avoid virtual kidnapping scams, robo-calls, cloned burner phones, and The Push to 200!

May 15, 2016

Refinancing your house, the benefits of buying versus renting, sacrificing for your pet, retractions, advice from Al Capone, best practices for faking your own death, Good News and Bad News, LDSD: preggos getting crunk, broken finger nails, automated air traffic controllers and pilots, holding patterns, IBM's bankruptcy lawyer robot Ross, octopus wrestling, Deep Discounts: Costco's burial caskets, arranging your own affairs, MHSC: Clear Lab's hamburger report, getting accreditation for nothing, grinding your own meat, word of the day, and the Push to 200!

May 8, 2016

Topics Discussed: ghostriding an oil-less whip, taking care of your car, silent judgements, email, Chick-fil-a, Aristotle, achieving excellence, word of the day, The Jungle Book Movie, Jon Favreau, Iron Man, Disney and Marvel, crying at movies, sensitive dudes, CGI, LDSD: genius auto repair meth hustle, Aaron's take on the current election, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Conspiracies, Fun facts about elections, the push to 200, working from home, more Park Lake adventures, and a brief existential crises.

Apr 26, 2016

Topics Discussed: Carb-Free Red Bull, email, weed for hardcore cider, music as a marker in time and for comradery, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsch, word of the day, when to own or disavow a poop, time and money, park lake with Jobs and dogs, machete in the wild, bad dreams, mom heard about ziplocking, MHSC: meat-comms streaming video over a pork loin, hot armpit button heart tech, getting a button, tech sec: elon musk and tesla's plan to take over google, life-long batteries, and the Push to 200!    

Apr 19, 2016

Topics Discussed: Stupid pets, lame jokers at the bar, making new friends poorly, awkward lurkers, email and shout-outs, word of the day, pros and cons of slides instead of stairs, LDSD: H in the keister, rules of the road, cruise control, Young Douglas' poetry slam, TFBOTG: collecting impartial sex data, best voyeur in the world, Billing's Tap Inn, MHSC: Five Guys hideaway, a good opportunity for good advertising, burger bidding war, the push to 200, paying attention to your loved ones, and Skype is still amazing.   

Apr 10, 2016

Topics Discussed: Is it Cold in Here? ICP Alive and Well in the H, a More Progressive Clown, Word of the Day, TWAGD: The Order of Yoni's Wussy Beer, Marketing Advise, Millennium Magnetic Tech, Donald Marks, the Gift and the Curse of Reading Minds, Mind Law and the Illuminati, Daily POV Highlight Reels, MHSC: Hamburger Helper Mixtape, Good and Bad Advertising, George W. Bush Tips Well, Dank Memes, Drive-by Rapping in Massachusetts, Honest Critiques, Bad Drunk Freestylers, Dodging Raffle Tickets, Good Looking Swedish Dudes, and The Push to 200!

Mar 27, 2016

Topics Discussed: Keto Chow, Japanese Computer Writes Novel, What is Art, Email, Oprah's Influence on Buying Trends, Harpo Hutch Politics, Super Word, Word of the Day, Dub's Credit Card Advice, Battle Bots and Robot Wars, MegaBots Inc. Teams With WHGL and NASA, Gladiator-style Robot Combat on the Moon, Secretary of Robots, Hotlanta Waffle House Hustle, Instagram Flavor Enhancer, Seducing a Beef Wellington, Photographing Food and Painting Models, Social Media Feeds Depression, Taking a Break from Social Media, Explaining the Mechanics of a Movie, Matt's Concerned About BvS, Dub's Loving Deadpool, Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Will Comic Book Movies Fizzle, and The Push to 200! 

Mar 20, 2016

Topics Discussed: No Converse Half-Measures, Modifying and Sewing Clothes, St. Paddy's Wasn't Popping Off In Butte, Different Irish Music, Corn Beef, Jam Preferences, Email, Donor Babies, House's Humans, SuperWord Guesses, Word of the Day, Dan Harmon and Yacht Rock, Channel 101 Inside Job, New Viewing Stifling TV Ratings, Milking a Story, Stephen King, Reading More, Hiding Bodies is Simple, Decomposing Bodies in the Open, Helpful Comments, Stripping Away Agendas, Hot Dog Hooker is Back at it, LDSD: Kidnapping Grandma at Knife-point, Mounting a Winning Legal Defense, IHOP Robin Hood, and The Push to 200!     

Mar 13, 2016

Topics Discussed: Zenith Moment of Clarity, Push Homework, Email, Word of the Day, Retractions: Organ Donations, Outside the Hutch, Pootie Tang and Louis CK, Run Ronnie Run, Dark City, Having Creative Control Removed, CMFE: Chinese Elevator, Too Polite to Live, Escape Plans vs. Practical Reality, Pull Ups and Rope Climb, HAW: Flight Attendant Attends to a Fire, June and Jennifer Gibbons, Silent Twins, the Power of Brother Link, Deep Discounts: Steel Zoo Doors, and The Push to 200!

Mar 6, 2016

Topics Discussed: Old Country, Conway Twitty, Everyone's Exhausted, Word of the Day, Food Greed Game, Faking the Funk by V8-ing a V6, Messing up a Quality Listening Experience, Waffle Houses Popping Off Again: Women Doing Their Hair; Fantasy Football Loss; Spiking a Co-Worker's Coffee, LDSD: Down to Clown, CMFE: Stock Market Edition, Work is Home Now, the Genius Behind Netflix, Stock Investments, Acorns App, Saving Money, Frogs and Functional Necrophilia, Freedom to Sell Your Own Organs, Establishing Family First, 3D Printing a New Body, Download a Celebrity, Jared Fogle's Loves a Honey Bun, Stress Eating in Prison, Prison Break, and The Push to 200!

Feb 21, 2016

Topics Discussed: Salad Bars and Cherry Tomatoes, Retractions: Marvel and Fox, Email, Murdoch's, Dick Wolf's Law and Order, Brother Link, Deep Discounts: New Couch, Warhol and Art and Stuff, Waffle House Brouhaha Trifecta, PCP Fight, Pull Your Pants Up, Jerk It While You Work, Most Arrested Man Ever, Bad Aliases, Hobo Single life, Prison Industrial Complex Vs. Rehabilitation, Meat Head Street Cred: Hot Pork Heist Sting, WHGInsurance Company, Bad Luck for the Founder of Silk Road, Apple Vs. FBI vs. John McAfee, Illuminati Cooperation at the Top Doesn't Exist, TWAGD: Impersonating Your Enemy's Attorney, Word of the Day, and The Push to 200!

Feb 15, 2016

Topics Discussed: Keurig Trance Brewing in 3D, Thermos Coffee Cup, Remembering Valentine's Day, Celebrating Science: Gravitational Waves, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Black Holes, Interferometer, Wave Frequencies, Humans Leveling Up, Man Killed by Falling Meteorite, Space Sacrifices in Exchange for Universal Knowledge, A Terrible Decision to Make, Checking and Balancing God-like Abilities, Word of the Day, Great Falls' Sonic and Salmon Hatchery, the Problem with Photography, A Khaki Cargo Pant Deficit, Mall Fatigue, Deadpool, Valentine's Card and Candy, Bringing Back Vinegar Valentines, CMFE Science: Hugo de Garis and Evolvable Hardware, Humans are Computers Taken Further, Cylon Drones and Coming Civil War in Tech, Best Standards and Practices  for AI, and The Push to 200!

Feb 7, 2016

Topics Discussed: Gym Teachers, Montucky Skies, Mickey's Malt Liquor Offering, Word of the Day, Open Hand Slap, Breaking into the Country Line Dancing Scene, Straussing The Game, Marilyn Manson and Jenna Jameson, Porn Stigma, HAW: 10/10 Anti-Hero Arsonist & a Hard Working Man, Winter Biking, Background Wardrobe and Unparalleled Personality, Fixing a Sloppy Headphone Jack, Tech Sec: Tome Inc's Connected Caster Chair Alert Long Game, Insurance Group Plan, Taking a Lap on Your Own Time, Getting Sick and Getting Busy, Shout Outs, Deep Discounts: Free Groceries for Soiled Drawers, and The Push to 200! 

Feb 7, 2016

Topics Discussed: Elton John and Bernie Taupin Training Day, Antoine Fuqua is Not Directing Suicide Squad, Jared Leto Might be Wack or Not, Martin Shkreli Beefs with Ghostface Killah, Kim Dot Com's Hot Music Career, Music Today, New Word of the Day, Cheating to Win, Fifth Grader's Tech, Take or Get Taken, Find Your Insurance Information, Doctor Said I Need a Backiotomy, HAW: Mowing the Lawn with Fire, Warmer Climates and Allergies, The Push to 200!, Tech Sec: Laptop Refurbs and Budget Baller PC's. 

Jan 24, 2016

Topics Discussed: Nelly Playlist, Preamble Tech Section: Useful SharePoint Activities for Hacking the Planet, Walter Cavanagh's Baller Line of Credit, Kiting Debt, Reaching Out on Twitter, Where Hung Stops and Doug Begins, Word of the Day, LDSD: Morphine Cough Syrup, Opium-laced Chinese Food, Speaking Truth to Power and Punching Up, China Took Our Blueprint, New Taco Treat, How Being Rich is like Not Being on a Diet, Fry Bread, Keto Flu and Caffeine Withdrawals, Black Irish Breakfast Tea, Son of JFK/Marilyn Monroe Plots to Kidnap Obama's Dog, Episodes Too Far Back, Writing a Book in Prison, Getting a Harvard Degree Online, Automated Robots Killing Jobs, Fighting the Future, John Henry 2016, Hero Arsonist: Bed Bugs, Goodwill Mattress Standard, Conveniently Dying in a Cemetery, the Old Remote Control Spare Cadaver Explosive Trick for Your Vehicle Getaway, and The Push to 200!

Jan 17, 2016

Topics Discussed: Tricky Edit Fakey, Bringing the Fire, Emails and Retractions, Creeping and Cropping, A Firm Grasp on Medicine, Refuse to be Harnessed, Elk Conspiracy, Lobotomies, Word of the Day, Lottery Fever Hustle, Talking about Luck, Martin Luther King Jr's Memory Lives on, Don Miguel's Sets it Off, Cry Harder: the Difference Between a Regular Person and a Food Addict, Turkey Focaccia Problems, Fancy Seasonings, Creepily Squeezing the Softest Breads, Bologna and American Singles, High Speed Police Chase Breakfast, Never-ending Adult Cereal Game, and The Push to 200!

Jan 10, 2016

Cody's in the Hutch this week! Topics Discussed: Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap, Ghostface Killah; ODB; Inspectah Deck and Wu-Tang, Respecting the 1-10 Scale, Losing Track of Time, Old-Man Worldview, Impressive Things: Backpacks and Crowns, Word of the Day, Cody's Games: Best Impressions and Overrated/Underrated, TWAGD: Bomb Squad Hot Dogs, Airport Prank, Inflatable Hoods, Ostrich Pillow, The Push to 200!, Prostitution, the Monty Hall Problem, Football, Jared from Subway, and Don Miguel's Hangover Recipe.

Jan 4, 2016

Topics Discussed: An Age-Old Question About Nerds, Holy Shit, This Actually Happened: Elk Massacre, New Year and Post-New Year Partying, Amateur Hour, Star Wars a Second Time (NO SPOILERS), George Lucas Popping Off, J.J. Abrams, Internet Trolls Get You, Top Liquors in Montana, Sweet Flavored Alcohol, Pennsylvania Judge goes to Prison, Private Prisons, Needing to Urinate Makes Lies More Convincing, Inhibitory Spill-over Effect, Brain Tax, Neighbor Things, LDSD: the Youth, Salvia Videos, HAW: Neighborly Diaper Fight Heats Up, B&B Quality Market Robbed, These Days, Ranking Death Row Last Meals, and Word of the Day!